About Ice Cream Fridge

The International Ice Cream Fridge Association offers these proposals on the best possible dealing with and capacity of dessert and solidified sweets to enable purchasers to make the most of America’s most loved treat minus all potential limitations. Dessert is a perishable item and ought to be dealt with precisely. At the point when solidified pastries are presented to temperatures over 10°F, they wind up plainly subject to unfavorable changes in body, surface and flavor attributes. Albeit singular makers’ formulas yield frozen yogurt of shifting consistency and flavor, all dessert will be adversely influenced if despicably taken care of or put away. On account of the fluctuating temperatures in most home coolers, IICA prescribes that individuals take after these tips, and appreciate frozen yogurt inside a time of procurement.



Make the frozen yogurt from Ice Cream Fridge walkway your last quit amid your trek to the market. Check the temperature of your food merchant’s cooler case. The ideal temperature is 0°F (- 18°C) or colder. The temperature in the general store’s cooler case ought not be over 10°F (- 12°C). On the off chance that kept at a legitimate temperature, dessert will be completely solidified and will feel hard to the touch. On the off chance that the item is delicate, you may wish to convey it to the consideration of the store administrator. In an open best cooler case, constantly select dessert and solidified treats put away underneath the cooler line. Put frozen yogurt items in the different segment of your basic need truck, or place over different staple goods. Protect frozen yogurt items for the ride home. At the point when your basic supplies are stuffed, ask for a cooler sack or extra dark colored paper pack to protect your dessert. Make the supermarket or frozen yogurt parlor your last errand before going home. This will protect that your frozen yogurt does not sit in a warm auto while you are making different stops.

At Home

Try not to permit frozen yogurt to over and over relax and re-solidify. At the point when frozen yogurt’s little ice precious stones soften and re-solidify, they can in the long run transform into expansive, unpalatable irregularities. Your cooler ought to be set at between – 5°F and 0°F. Frozen yogurt is anything but difficult to plunge in the vicinity of 6°F and 10°F, the perfect serving temperature run. Store frozen yogurt in the primary piece of the cooler. Try not to store frozen yogurt in the cooler entryway, where dessert can be liable to all the more fluctuating temperatures since the entryway is over and over open and close.